Our Services

Contract Review
and Negotiation

Your jet company may say that, “Everyone signs the same contract.” We know better.

Fractional Share Valuations

Are you getting fair value from your fractional provider? We’ll make sure you do.

Program Recommendations, Charter Booking
and More

We know the market. We’ll get to know you before crafting a plan.

Overview of Services

Shaircraft advises elite business and leisure travelers on the full spectrum of today’s private air travel options — from fractional jet ownership and private jet charter to jet card programs, air taxi services, and more.

Private aviation experts.

As private aviation attorneys and jet industry experts, we know the jet companies; we know the programs and, most importantly, we know where there’s room to negotiate.

Our goal as your private aviation advisor is simple: Deliver maximum flight time on the right aircraft at the lowest cost.

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